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Designerless Automated Catalog Creator

Free yourself from expensive resources

Personalized Flyers & Catalogs for your customers ! Just organize your product information, choose a look and its ready for use online or print

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About ActivePoint

Our vision is to enable anyone and everyone, using D2D, to easily and cost effectively create marketing and sales product brochures and catalogs without having to know anything about design or have any special technical ability or work with designers

What is D2D?

This sounds obvious but if you sell products then you will be amazed at how often sites don't show off their products. The first thing users should see is what you are selling. It should be big, bold and beautiful. You want to make sure people are aware of what you sell. An easy way to do this is to create a D2D publication . D2D lets you group as few or as many products as you want together. You can then electronically publish your brochure or print it. And what is really nice is that the same information that you use for your website, you can make use of here. Everything that you do is easily accessed for future reference.

D2D is a do it yourself (DIY) online software for creating publications such as product catalogs, price lists, flyers whether electronically or printed using data from spreadsheet (such as an excel). It works with pre - designed templates so you don't have to design anything. It keeps you in your budget as you don't have to hire an expensive resource like a graphic artist. You just have to organize your products and you are set to go.

When you are ready to produce the catalog, directory, price list, or any other type of product publication that you are working on, simply sign up and start making publications. The PDF is then created. You can email the PDF to your customers (We provide a fixed URL so you dont even have to upload it to your servers in order to distribute to your customers). Add the PDF to your website. PDFs are also good for your SEO . Using our other products you can create a digital publication out of the PDF. The digital publication provides you with another avenue for your customers to place their orders.


Produce DIY Product Catalogs with the D2D Online Catalog Creator - no Special Design Skills Needed

Why pay someone else to create your PDFs? Do it yourself!

Automatic design for your catalogs, flyers, price list in PDF format

Produce PDF product catalogs in minutes in 2 easy steps

Transfer your PDF catalogs, flyers and price lists into interactive catalogs

What Our Customers Say About Us

Stinsons Office Products:
"Our customers are absolutely loving the custom catalogs. As always, thank you for being so supportive with everything. "
Kali Loyd, Marketing Manager.

Impact Products:
"The great thing about D2D is that somebody else can work on the proofing and they can make the corrections without being a designer."
Pam Mills, Marketing Content Coordinator.

GBP Business Direct:
"Earlier this week we were awarded with University of New Orleans' business. It could mean about 20K in monthly supply business. The catalog you created played a key role. Showing him this added another layer of uniqueness. Just thought you should know."
Tommy Moore, Vice President of Sales.

FSI Office:
"Just wanted to stop for a moment and say Thank You for taking good care of us. Your kindness and service has been exceptional. Its nice to have that in a business relationship. Thank You!!."
Carolyn Collins, E-Commerce Manager and John Cassady, Advertising Manager.

Taylor Business Products:
"We are very satisfied with the catalog - The ActivePoint team has been great to work with."
Angela Wilbourn, Sales Administrator.

Contact Us

ActivePoint, Inc. US/Canada

270 Madison Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10016

1 646 661 3219

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