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D2D - Create Online and PDF Product Catalogs, using your Products Data

Easily create customer targeted sales and marketing material

Automatically Designed and generated PDF Product Catalogs - different looks each time

Activepoint D2D Web system - Easily Online and PDF Product Catalogs, using your Products Data

Activepoint's D2D Features/Benefits:

✅ Keep costs down

✅ Automatically produce marketing and sales material, formatted catalogs, flyers or price lists

✅ Make product catalogs, flyers and pricelists in 2 easy steps

✅ Create customized front cover, back cover, table of contents and background page

✅ Product Index automatically generated

✅ Brand your publication with your company logo, colors, images and texts

✅ Choose a catalog look from pre designed templates

✅ Digitilize your PDF catalog and use it online

✅ Hyperlinks easily embedded

✅ Highly suitable format for Smartphones

✅ RTL language support

✅ Dynamic product attributes

How it Works

Step 1: Choose the layout - Use product catalog templates

step1- Choose a look for your product catalog

Step 2: Upload your products' data in an excel file. Add customized information like logos, colors, images and text and click to create a catalog in PDF format.

step2- Upload your products' data in excel file

Once you are happy with the results, click to create your publication and get a ready to print PDF catalog. Print the catalog, share on your social media channels, digitalize and add to your website or send via email.

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What you need to start

✔ Information about your products such as SKU, product name, product description, product image, and URL to the product page (optional)

✔ Your Company Branding Information - Logo, Contact details

How to create DIY Product Catalogs and Flyers with ActivePoint D2D Online Interactive Software?

Know your customer - target them with what interests them ...

Your customers will see that you care about them when they receive a publication with products and information that meets their needs. Working with D2D really is easy and cost effective as you will see below

How to create a new catalog using ActivePoint's D2D online Catalog Creator?

How to create a catalog with pre-designed templates, your product data and products images - Choose a template, upload an excel and create your products catalog PDF online

It really is this simple. Step 1: Select a template. Step 2:Upload your excel - of course the excel has to have the appropriate columns. Sample excels are provided as well. Customize the PDFs with your logo, background page, colors etc. Step 3: Click the create button and download your PDF. You can then digitalize the publication using ActivePoint's BCB system. That's it - it is really that easy.