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Digital Publications

Digitalize your Pages. Do it yourself or let us do the work.

Use ActivePoint's BCB( Best Catalog Builder) – Transfer your Print Catalogs, Brochures into Interactive Catalogs

ActivePoint’s Best Digital Publications Builder (BCB) – Online software tool that digitalizes your publications straight from your PDF pages

Activepoint's BCB Features/Benefits:

Dynamic Pricing Options - Display up to date pricing and reduce margin erosion due to price fluctuation.

Real-time Inventory Updates - Show what's in stock and what's not and offer a substitute product instead.

Fully Interactive Pages - Link to audio/video, white papers, case studies, application photos, etc.

Product Search Search on the PDF, excel or via ActivePoint's advanced search

Product Information Rollover Hover - Provide your customers with additional information not found on the PDF.

Print - Print pages with a click of the button.

Viewing Options - View one page, two pages or thumbprints - allows quick access.

Custom Interfaces - Customize with your logo, branding elements, colors, cover page, etc

Hyperlinks - Links can be set up for the ecommerce cart, on-line form submission or manufacturer or reps' website.

Customized catalog version - Each reseller can have their own customized version of the same catalog with their own front cover page, prices and point to their own store front for product purchase.

Sticky Notes - Allows customers to add notes/reminders/project numbers, etc.

Bookmarks/Favorites - Easily return to frequently ordered products.

Customized PDFs - Enables customers or re-distributor to quickly and easily create a subset of your catalog.

Page Navigation - Intuitive navigation means customers can easily find the products they need without navigation "learning curve".

Add Audio/Video, Application & Instruction Manuals - Increase conversion by enhancing information to make informed decisions - self service model reduces customer service cost and enhances the customer experience.

Apple & Android App - Leverage the PC work by also creating a native App.

Statistics - Know what your customers are looking at and clicking on in your online publication.

How it Works

Upload your PDFs into our online BCB Wizard. Our special mechanisms help jumpstart the hyperlink building process on your product SKUs.
Customize your look, upload your logo and change your background color. Link to videos.
When finished, embed your catalog on your website, take your catalog's link and share via social media, send out on mailing lists.

Why use ActivePoint's BCB Online Catalog Creator?

Let us do the work for you. The ActivePoint's BCB Online Catalog Creator can be customized according to your unique specifications. It is the perfect hybrid of print and digital – focusing on customer experience and convenience. We can offer seamless ordering, product usage/installation videos, audio, inventory levels and pricing updates and links to your shopping cart or email shopping. It enables fast and easy shopping for your customers. Be in touch with us to find out more.